Client Gift Ideas


Giveaways Should Not be Throwaways

Here at Teals Prairie & Co., we get many requests for client gifts from professional firms so we thought we would showcase a few of the more unique client gift ideas here. According to expensive research conducted by serious guys in white coats carrying clipboards, the most valuable visibility for your brand is when a business or promotional gift is used regularly in the home or the office. Duh. The message: the best client gift idea is one that is useful! Check out these four prestige gifts with utility.

Office Branding Gifts for Your Business


Personalized and useful client gifts are a great way of saying thank you and at the same time delivering a nice branding message. We are all familiar with the plastic cheap client gifts under $10 that clutter up offices and desks. The creative team at TP have selected a range of unique gift ideas that will keep your brand or logo in view with your customers on products that they will want to display on their desks or – better yet – give to their friends, family or clients. A client giving away a giveaway is one of the best ways to spread your firm’s brand. We have also included a few client gifts under $10 so you can spread the message wide!


Barware Gifts for the Professional Firm

Finally, in consultation with our consultants we realized that accountants, financial and consulting firms seem to spend about half their time talking and the other half entertaining. This selection of personalized business gifts for special clients are perfect for sharing those moments, closing the deal or for celebrating a win. Of course, the best client glassware gift is one that is accompanied with a nice bottle of wine or whiskey that you know that your client likes.  Add your logo, message and even their logo to make a unique gift for your customers to send an entertaining and memorable message to your valuable clients. Make it happen today.