Black Cap Top Kraft Paper Boxes

Learn More About Our Black Cap Top Kraft Paper Boxes

Black cap top kraft paper boxes are like standard jewelry boxes. Each one has a base and a closing lid. These features make cap top boxes your most basic yet durable form of paper gift boxes.

The smaller cap top boxes are suitable as favor boxes. The larger sizes are good for Christmas gifts, plus there’s no wrapping required. In addition, these boxes work great for holding gifts with many components.

Our black boxes are handmade with care from sturdy paper stock. We take wood fibers to create strong, durable, and attractive kraft boxes that can hold a variety of items. With exceptional strength and some moisture resistance, our cap top kraft boxes can withstand the journey from our factory to you.

Why Build Custom Black Cap Top Kraft Paper Boxes?

If you want an affordable way to store merchandise or a gift that looks great, then cap top kraft boxes are a great option. We create spectacular custom boxes that match any budget requirements without high order minimums found at other companies.

Looking for certain box dimensions? There is an assortment of black cap top kraft boxes in stock now, which you’ll find at the bottom of the page. But that doesn’t limit what we’re able to create for your upcoming project.

We’re happy to create custom sized kraft boxes for your bulk order. Contact us at any time by clicking the green support chat button in the lower right corner and requesting a consultation.

How Do We Customize Black Cap Top Kraft Boxes?

We can personalize your boxes with brand information, logos, event info, and much more. Plus, there’s a ton of space on each box to decorate each one as little or as much as you would like.

In this section, you’ll learn the different ways that Teals Prairie & Co. can build your custom black cap top Kraft boxes. We also combine personalization methods to build the custom kraft paper box you need for your upcoming event or project.


Our specialty engraving process works on black cap top kraft boxes to provide an etched graphic that doesn’t burn through the paper box like laser engraving does. Learn more about the unique appearance you get when personalizing black cap top kraft boxes with our specialty engraving process and whether it’s the right option for your next project.

Strengths of Specialty Engraving
  • Specialty engrave any one-color logo and create a unique appearance on black cap top kraft boxes.
  • Perfect when you have a high-resolution artwork file for rendering.
  • A specialty process you won’t likely find with other paper box manufacturers.
  • Looks especially good with a matching printed ribbon.
Weaknesses of Specialty Engraving
  • Engraving doesn’t convey corporate colors as a standalone personalization process.
  • Requires a strong logo design or engravable image to attract the most attention.
  • Must be combined with another personalization process if you want to incorporate a theme or color.


Print your favorite photo or full color image on each kraft box lid. This is a great personalization method for adding event, branding, or award information. Here’s more information you should know about UV color printing on our black cap top kraft boxes.

Strengths of UV Color Printing
  • An affordable way to add a single element such as a logo to a box or to print on the full box surface.
  • Great for highlighting event colors.
  • This cured printing process is long-lasting, and your design will not be altered by UV rays.
  • An application that’s free from fading, chipping, or cracking.
  • Makes special gift boxes that showcase family moments in color.
Weaknesses of UV Color Printing
  • UV printing colors might not match Pantone colors exactly, so another process is necessary for strict corporate color policies.
  • If you have a large quantity order you may prefer a traditional print method that produces a premium quality.


Our decorative labels are the most affordable personalization option for those ordering black cap top kraft boxes in low quantities. But how do decorative labels compare to other personalization methods? Here are some things to consider.

Strengths of Decorative Labels
  • There’s a wide variety of decorative label shapes we create and we’re also able to make custom shapes and sizes for large quantity orders.
  • The perfect personalization method for low quantity orders.
  • We can apply decorative labels in various ways to create a unique contrast between designs.
Weaknesses of Decorative Labels
  • Other processes for large orders create a higher quality product for more formal events and premium brands.


We build custom gift tags for your upcoming project and make each black cap top kraft box even more special. The size, shape, color, and finishes we use are all up to you.

Here’s What to Know About Our Custom Gift Tags
  • There are unlimited options you have when it comes to building custom gift tags. We have different materials and processes for creating something special.
  • The message you want to convey, appearance, and budget can all be factors in how we build great gift tags for you.
  • Our team is ready to help determine which materials and processes we should use for your gift tags. Use the green support chat button in the lower right corner to contact us today.


Printed ribbons are another option for customizing a black cap top kraft box without altering the box itself. Find out more about our printed ribbons here.

Here’s What to Know About Our Custom Printed Ribbons
  • We can place our printed ribbons on the box in countless ways to create a formal or informal appearance.
  • Silk, cotton, felt, and more! There are so many great materials in a variety of colors to match your theme or branding.
  • We’ll gladly help you determine the perfect width and color for your upcoming project.
  • It’s an affordable way to add special customization to our boxes while also including a brand name, logo, or event info.
  • Works great with other personalization processes to tie everything together.

Ready to Start on Your Custom Black Cap Top Kraft Boxes?

If you have an idea for a custom box or you’re curious about the process of designing a kraft box for your merchandise or event, please contact us. Simply click the green button in the right corner of your screen to send us a message or use our live chat feature.


Customization Ideas

We customize items using customization techniques like engraving, sandblasting, and wood carving. Explore the many ways we create custom gifts.

Custom Box Sizes

A stock gift box size cannot impress your customers like custom packaging can. Let us make a custom box size for you!