Custom Box Gift Sets

Create Your Own Custom Gift Box and Gift Set

Do you have an event, wedding, or party coming up that you would like to build your own box gift set for? If so, our team of illustrators, product designers, and craftsmen here at Teals Prairie & Co. can help! We’ll take your ideas for a custom box gift set and turn it into a bundle of specialty products that your recipients will love.

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What Are the Options to Consider While Building a Custom Gift Box Set?

When it comes to building your own box gift set, there are a ton of options to choose from. Everything from the boxes to the products we place inside them can be personalized for your event. But, that’s not to say this process needs to be complicated. Let’s discuss how we simplify the process of building your own box gift set while offering a one-stop solution for you.

The first consideration most people think about when it comes to creating custom box gift sets is the overall budget and how much each gift box will cost. Since we produce a variety of personalized gifts and create the boxes ourselves, we’re able to offer low minimum quantity order requirements at an affordable price. That way you’ll have the perfect gifts regardless of whether you need one box gift set or one hundred. Plus, with turnaround times between three to seven business days based on what’s available in stock, you’re able to receive spectacular custom box gift sets for a last-minute event.

After considering how much you want to spend on each gift box, it’s time to select the most important feature – the box! We have wood boxes and paper boxes in stock and available for customization. But what if you’re looking for something with unique dimensions or a custom material? Well, we even make custom size boxes and source box materials too. That way, you’re sure to get exactly what you’re searching for.

Once you’re finished selecting the best gift box for your event, it’s time to consider which gifts you would like to include with each gift box. We can add any of the items from our shop to your box gift set and can personalize just about everything with your corporate logo, engraved design, or printed corporate colors.

Whether you want to include coffee mugs, journals and notebooks, keychains or any other personalized gifts, we have you covered! What you decide to include will depend on your budget, the upcoming event, and your recipient’s preferences. Scroll down to see a couple box gift set ideas including just a few of the customized products we can curate for you.

Here’s How to Create Your Custom Gift Box Set

There are two ways that you can build custom box gift sets for your upcoming event. As you browse our site for items to include in your box gift set, simply click the “request for business quote” button on each product page that you’re interested in.

After you’ve selected the number of items you want to include with your gift set, then visit the request a business quote page, input your contact information, and let us know you’re interested in receiving a quote for your custom swag bag. Then we’ll contact you with a price and all the customization options we can use to incorporate your theme or branding on each item!

The second method for building your own custom box gift set is by simply reaching out to us. There’s a green support chat button in the lower right corner of the page that you can use to speak to a team member. We would love to set an appointment with you to go over your ideas for a box gift set, your needs, and give you some ideas.

Plus, we have illustrators, designers, and product specialists available that can create and personalize great gift sets for your occasion using a variety of personalization processes like UV printing, engraving, and full color debossing.

So, let’s get started on your own box gift set! Look at our personalized products, scroll down to see examples of our gift box sets, or reach out to us using the live chat feature and we’ll be happy to help create a special box gift set for your next event!

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With years of experience sourcing quality items, we use a tested process to locate the perfect items for your event gift bags.

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With over a dozen customization techniques to choose from, we know a thing or two about creating fabulous gift box sets.