Box Styles and Closures

What’s the right packaging style for your next gift or product box? Our team at Teals Prairie & Co. create specialty wood and paper boxes that feature unique fixtures and closure methods. This page showcases the most common box styles we build, while also providing details on shape, size, and features for several popular box designs. You’ll find our common box styles and closures organized in four sections, for both wood or paper boxes, traditionally wood boxes, traditionally paper boxes, and finally different closures and fixtures listed below.

Curious as to whether we can use a wood box design to make a paper box or vice versa? Our creative team can work magic to construct traditional wood boxes out of paper, so use the green chat button in the lower right corner of the page to speak with a product specialist about your ideas today.

Wood or Paper Boxes

Wood Boxes

Paper Boxes

Closures & Fixtures

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