Paper Bags

Find Specialty Paper Bags for Your Next Event

Our team here at Teals Prairie & Co. has an assortment of specialty paper bags to choose from for any occasion. With countless sizes and a wide variety of styles, we’re sure to have the paper bag you’re searching for. This includes euro totes, twisted handles shopping bags, handle-less sacks and more. Learn how we can personalize our paper bags and see what we have in stock below.

Which Personalization Methods Work Well with Our Custom Paper Bags?

Personalizing gift bags is incredibly enjoyable. The bag you select and how you personalize it depends on how you prefer to enhance your gift.

You can personalize paper bags by including gift tissue and shredded paper or even with gift tags and decorative labels. If you want to incorporate a theme or brand colors, we can make your paper bags attract the right attention.

Depending on your project and budget, you might even want to foil print, deboss, and emboss your logo on each gift bag. There are many options when turning a paper bag into a unique gift! In the next section we’ve detailed different ways that we suggest personalizing your custom paper bags.

Since we’re constantly adding new bags to our inventory and creating new personalization processes, it’s always a good idea to check in with our craftsmen about designing your next custom paper bags. Use the green support chat button in the lower right corner of the page to tell your ideas to a product packaging specialist today!

Specialty Engraving

Specialty engraving is a personalization method you’re unlikely to find anywhere else. It’s an in-house method we created to engrave on certain paper bags to create a contrasting design. This personalization style is perfect when you have a high-resolution engravable graphic or logo to reproduce on each paper bag. It’s perfect for 1-color graphics.


Our UV color printing personalization method means that you can showcase colored designs onto your custom paper bags. Logos, graphics, and words all come out crisp and the cured printing process will not fade, chip, or crack. We can print anywhere on the outside of our bags to take up as much or as little surface as you’d like.

Decorative Labels

If you’re searching for a low-cost personalization method, especially when personalizing small orders, then you’ll like our decorative label service. Decorative labels can match your corporate colors and come in a variety of stock shapes and sizes. For larger paper bag orders, we can also create decorative labels in custom shapes.


Include beautiful design elements and more color by personalizing each gift bag with our printed ribbons. We have silk, cotton, felt and many more ribbon materials that we can print a logo, design, or name on. Select the ribbon color and the print color that works best for you, while matching with your custom paper bag.

Gift Tags

Include a custom gift tag with each paper bag so that your recipients can identify their gifts. Plus, each gift tag includes plenty of space for a handwritten note. We can combine our gift tags with ribbon or use other materials such as string to tie everything together. There are different kraft paper shapes and colors to choose from, making nearly endless personalization options.

Ready to Create Your Custom Paper Bags?

See the stock sizes we have available for immediate customization below or use the green support chat button in the lower right corner to contact us. Our packaging specialist is excited to hear about your upcoming event and your packaging ideas!