Plastic Boxes

Learn About Our Plastic Boxes

If you want to provide slick and glossy packaging for a gift or product, then our plastic boxes are a great option. They look wonderful holding greeting cards, photographs, candies, and tech items. Whenever your items have great designs you want others to notice without opening the packaging first, our custom plastic boxes are perfect. Plus, our plastic boxes ship flat and cut down on the shipping costs for large quantity orders.

How Can We Customize Your Custom Plastic Boxes?

Although the item in your custom clear plastic boxes can often make any gift or product well received on its own, you may want to include special personalization elements that enhance your brand. That’s why our craftsmen at Teals Prairie & Co. can customize your clear plastic boxes in a variety of ways.

Firstly, we’re able to create custom clear plastic boxes for you. We have several stock boxes that are available for immediate personalization which you can see at the bottom of this page. However, what if you need a custom size for your upcoming project? In that case, we’re able to create a plastic box to your specifications. We even create prototypes and send them to you in about two weeks, so you know that your packaging works well before placing a large order.

If you’re interested in ordering custom plastic boxes, contact us using the green support chat button in the lower right corner of this page. We’ll be happy to discuss your upcoming project and you’ll learn how we can use processes and materials in the manufacturing of your packaging to meet your budget.

Here’s more information about the different personalization techniques we use to build your custom clear plastic boxes.


If you’re searching for the most affordable personalization method for low quantity orders, decorative labels might be your best option. Here’s how to determine whether this is the right personalization method for you.

Strengths of Decorative Labels

  • Available in a range of shapes and sizes, decorative labels are an inexpensive personalization method and add color to your packaging.
  • If you can’t find the decorative label style you’re looking for, we’re able to build custom labels for your plastic boxes.
  • We’re able to add decorative labels in unique ways that add contrast between two different designs while also standing out.

Weaknesses of Decorative Labels

  • Belly band packaging makes it easier to include marketing information in a way that doesn’t alter the plastic box.

card stock inserts

Include branding and product information or get your customers or gift recipients to take action using our custom card stock inserts. They’re an easy way to get noticed and they’re an affordable personalization method.

Here’s What to Know About Our Card Stock Inserts

  • Put your brand or event colors on each stock insert, which is perfect for marketing material.
  • Our cardstock comes in a variety of colors and paper materials.
  • We’ll create card stocks inserts in any sizes and add them to our plastic gift boxes in a creative way.


Include space for marketing, event, and product information on each clear plastic box by using belly band packaging. Wondering whether this personalization method is right for you? Here are some things to consider.

Strengths of Belly Band Packaging

  • Belly band packaging comes in a range of sizes and can cover the full box surface or a small portion of the box.
  • There are windowed belly bands if you still want customers and gift recipients to see what’s inside the box.
  • Printed colors on belly bands match Pantone colors, which is perfect for brands following corporate guidelines.
  • A great way to include coupons, discounts, and QR codes to the packaging.
  • Belly bands are an affordable personalization method.

Weaknesses of Belly Band Packaging

  • These aren’t for prototypes and small production runs as they’re often made in bulk.


We can also combine multiple personalization processes when we create custom plastic boxes. One example are our belly band and decorative labels boxes. Here’s why you might like our multi-process boxes more.

Strengths of Multi-Processes Like Custom Belly Bands + Decorative Labels

  • Combines all the benefits of both belly bands and decorative labels.
  • Lets you put a permanent decorative label on your box to create a stronger brand message.
  • There are many unique combinations you can create using one or more of our personalization methods.

Weaknesses of Multi-Processes Like Custom Belly Bands + Decorative Labels

  • If a personalization process you like has an order minimum, then it will raise the required order quantity.


Gift tags are good for making each plastic box more personal for your recipient. You can include names, a special message, or your own branding to each one. Here’s what to know about our custom gift tags.

Learn More About Our Custom Gift Tags

  • We make your gift tags from a variety of materials that come in different styles and sizes.
  • You’re also able to select the material we use to hold your gift tag in place. There are several materials and colors to choose from.
  • We’ll work together to determine the best gift tag materials to match your brand, a theme, or your upcoming event.


There really isn’t any limit to how creative your gift boxes can be. Our craftsmen can build great boxes to your specifications, even when you think outside the box. Here’s why you might want to go with this beautiful combination of including a gift tag and ribbon to your custom plastic boxes.

Learn More About Our Custom Gift Tags

  • We’re able to add ribbon in creative way, such as using it to make a handle for your gift boxes.
  • The ribbon is available in different colors and widths to match your themed event.
  • You can have branding or text printed onto our silk, felt, and cotton ribbon to add additional personalization.

How Shall We Personalize Your Custom Plastic Boxes?

Now that you know how we can personalize your plastic boxes, let’s start working together! Contact us with your ideas or request a consultation from our craftsmen to build custom plastic boxes for your next project. Whenever you’re ready, contact us through the green support chat button in the lower right corner of this page. We’re excited to work on your event or product packaging!


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