Custom Shredded Gift Paper

Learn About Our Custom Shredded Paper

Shredding paper from Teals Prairie & Co. turns an ordinary gift box or package and into a professionally planned gift set. Not only does our colorful shredded paper fill empty space throughout your gift packaging, but it also works to protect gifts on its journey from you to the recipient. Plus, it shows that you’re willing to do something special to create a fun and festive gift.

What we’ll think you’ll love about our shredded paper is the fact that it comes in so many colors. Use your favorite color shredded paper to fill your gift packaging or combine several to make your own unique blend. Both you and your recipient will enjoy the look our shredded paper achieves, which is both attractive and inexpensive. Our 2 oz bag fills a single gift bag and each lb of shredded paper will fill about 10 gift bags.

Looking to Buy Custom Shredded Paper?

Scroll down the page to see the assortment of shredded gift paper we have available for purchase. But what if you cannot find the exact type of shredded paper you’re looking for? We manufacture a wide range of paper shred for custom orders. So, if you’re searching for metallic, translucent, or crinkle cut shredded paper, we’re able to produce exactly what you need.

Are you ready to fill your gift boxes and packages with colorful shredded paper that pleasantly surprises your recipients? When you’re ready to make a custom order, simply use the green support chat button on the lower right corner of the page to speak with a packaging specialist today!