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Let's Build a Custom Swag Bag

Are you’re interested in putting together a swag bag for a corporate function, destination wedding, or party? Well you’re in the right place! Our team of illustrators, product designers, and craftsmen at Teals Prairie & Co. are ready to help you build a custom swag bag that’s filled with personalized functional items that everyone will enjoy using throughout their day.

What are the Steps of Creating a Custom Swag Bag with Teals Prairie & Co.?

There are several options you have while creating the perfect swag bag, but that doesn’t mean the process needs to be complicated. In fact, we like to simplify the process of creating a custom swag bag by offering a one-stop solution for our customers.

For instance, one of the first considerations when it comes to building swag bags for your upcoming event is how much you want to spend on each bag. Not only do we have a wide variety of personalized products at every price point, but we also can make the exact quantity you need, whether you want one swag bag or ten thousand. Whereas other companies require that you build 50+ bags, we’re able to fulfill low minimum quantity orders that meet your budget while also providing quality branded gifts.

Once you’ve gotten the price per bag down, it’s time to select the perfect bag for your event. We have a variety of bags in stock, plus we can source different bag styles and materials to create the exact look you want. Add that to the fact that everything we add to the bag and on the bag itself can be personalized with your corporate, wedding, or event colors, and we’ll be sure to make swag bags that follow your theme.

After selecting the bag, it’s time to decide on the products you’d like to give out. Every single item in our shop can be added to your swag bag and most items can be personalized with your corporate logo, favorite engraved or printed design, and event or corporate colors. What you decide to include in your swag bag will depend on your recipient’s preferences and the upcoming event. Look at the gift set ideas below and you’ll get an idea of how we combine simple products to create a complete swag bag gift set.

Ready to Get Started? Here's How!

What if you need some help with ideas for building a creative swag bag? That’s where we can help you out. The creative team here at TP&Co. will come up with ideas for different graphics, products, and personalization methods to work around your theme. We use creative personalization processes such as UV printing, engraving, and full color debossing to make unique gifts that will impress your customers, coworkers, and event goers. We’re knowledgeable about creating special swag bags and gift sets that contain the perfect collection of custom and promotional items.

There are a few ways to get started. Feel free to browse our online gift shop and add things to your swag bag order by clicking the “request for business quote” button on each product page. Once you’re finished adding items, visit our request a business quote page, fill out your information, let us know that you’re interested in getting a quote for your custom swag bag, and we’ll help tie all your selected items with your event theme.

Another option if you’re not quite sure where to start is to simply use the green chat support button in the lower right corner of the page. Our live representative will be happy to set an appointment to go over your swag bag ideas and help you create a perfect giveaway for your next event! Turnaround time for our complete swag bag sets is generally about three to seven business days depending on item availability, and we can also help you select swag bag items that will ship quickly for your upcoming event.

Now that you know all about our process for creating custom swag bags, go ahead and scroll down to see a few example swag bags, or check out our personalized products. Once you’re ready to begin, get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help!

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