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Monograms are a timeless elegance!

Originally created for royal use, monograms have become the default customization method for personalized gift items. At TP&Co., we have an extensive catalog of monograms you can choose from. For that very special person in your life, we make it simple for you to personalize gifts.

There is no charge to edit a monogram that’s already personalized on the product you want to buy. Interested in selecting a different monogram for your gift? Select a monogram from our catalog especially for your order for $5.00 which cover all monogram setup costs.

Sample Monograms

Block MonogramsMainly three, sometimes two, letter monogram with (in this order) first, middle and last initials the same font size. For example, Oliie Reynard Thompson is ORT.
Initial MonogramsSingle letter monogram, first or last name initial, popular choice for informal occasions or for personalizing using a simple aesthetic.
Traditional MonogramsAlways a three letter monogram with the first, middle and last name initials rearranged with the last name initial in the middle in a larger font size, considered more formal than Block Monograms. For example, Ollie Reynard Thompson is OTR (T is larger).
Miscellaneous MonogramsMonograms using full family names, first names or his & hers initials, designed around theme based graphic elements, such as weddings, cooking, navigation, hobbies, etc., commonly used on wedding or housewarming gifts.

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