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Collaborating with Graphic Designers to Create Something Special

Our mission here at Teals Prairie & Co. has always been to take something unused and turn it into a repurposed product that everyone enjoys. That’s why we enjoy working with creatives like artists and graphic designers who are able to look at the ordinary and see something extraordinary.

If you enjoy thinking outside of the box and working on new products then we want to work with you. This is where we showcase work from graphic designers located all around the world. We use your artwork and designs to build limited edition, thought-provoking products that are outside the box.

These collaborations aren’t just to inspire our customers either. In fact, we hope these projects act as a source of inspiration for our R&D team who are constantly drawing inspiration to come up with exciting new products. Will you take up the challenge?

Get in touch if you’re involved in the graphic design community and looking for collaboration opportunities.

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