To Your Home (Retail Orders)

Shipping times will vary depending on where you are but in general, 90% of our orders are dispatched within 5 days of design confirmation. This excludes holiday peak periods. Design and production of larger, unique or specialized orders will take longer so please tell us your deadline when you order so we can prioritize. We have creative teams in Texas, Scotland and Hong Kong and we will dispatch from the location closest to you.

Need it sooner? View our Next Day Gift Catalog for gifts we produce and ship same day.

To Your Customer (Business Blind Shipping)

A popular service for corporate loyalty programs and for holiday gifting, we can ship orders directly from your mailing list through a process called “blind shipping,” which essentially means your customer won’t know the order was shipped by us on your behalf.  Shipping, processing and service charges will vary, contact us for more information if you’re considering using this service.

To Your Customer (Reseller Accounts)

If you are a reseller of our products, the listed resell price is inclusive of all shipping and handling costs to anywhere in the United States including Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico. Learn more about our Reseller Program.

To Your Warehouse (Business Bulk)

Very large bulk orders will likely be exported from mainland China as we do not warehouse thousands of products in Texas, Scotland or Hong Kong. Depending on order weight and mass, your order will either ship through an international courier service, such as DHL, or by air or ocean cargo. Air shipments may take up to 8 business days to ship and clear customs. This process for ocean shipments may take up to 45 calendar days. For all other bulk orders in which we have stock in Houston and Scotland shipping is generally within 5 days of design confirmation. These goods will be delivered directly to your warehouse.