Scotch, Whiskey and Bourbon Glasses

How can you decide which scotch, whiskey and bourbon glasses make the best gift for someone special? Let’s look at the differences between whiskey and bourbon glasses, to help you decide what will work for your recipient. The right bourbon glass enhances the aromas, flavors, and taste you experience from even the most common bottle of whiskey. But there are also other considerations, such as style, purpose, and size. Before we dive into how to select the right whiskey glass, look at some of our best-selling bourbon glasses and glass sets.

Designing Your Whiskey and Bourbon Glasses

Form, function, and design are three things that matter while selecting scotch, whiskey and bourbon glasses. But what if you need help deciding on design? At Teals Prairie & Co. we provide several personalization services that you’ll find useful.

Firstly, we can engrave your custom graphics, logos, or text onto your items. On every product page there’s a space for including personalization instructions and adding graphic files. Secondly, our artwork team is available to adjust designs from our graphic options portfolio or create new illustrations just for you. Finally, we can send you a proof of your designs before we personalize your glasses. This will help you make a final decision and select the right design. Our goal is to make the buying process convenient by showing you exactly what to expect before your whiskey and bourbon glasses arrive.

Selecting The Perfect Bourbon Glass


There’s one common glass to use for drinking bourbon or scotch whiskey, known as the old-fashioned glass. It’s also referred to as a lowball glass or rocks glass. Generally, these glasses hold around 6 – 10 ounces, however some hold 16oz of liquid or more.


When considering which bourbon glass to buy, the first consideration is what your recipient will add to the glass. Those who prefer smaller glasses are more likely to enjoy their whiskey neat, without anything added.


Next we have larger glasses, for those who enjoy making and serving mixed drinks. Add ice cubes, whiskey rocks, and any mixers to these glasses to make delicious beverages. You’ll notice that these glasses usually have wider rims and thicker bases.


The second consideration is style. Each bourbon glass in our collection is as unique as the whiskey lover you’re giving it to. Ornate glasses add excitement to your barware collection. Those that have a thicker base are often referred to as whiskey rocks glasses, allowing you to muddle non-liquid ingredients right in the glass.


Three other glasses have become very popular recently. There’s the second amendment “bulletproof” glass, that has a real .50 caliber bullet lodged inside. These are great for those with a passion for hunting and firearms.


Others enjoy swirling their whiskey around in a rocking whiskey glass that spins on the table without spilling the whiskey inside. It’s a fun way to enjoy your whiskey that friends and family will talk about.


Finally, there are slanted or tilted whiskey glasses, which have a fun and unique appearance. You can even freeze some water in these glasses to keep your whiskey and mixed drinks cold while covering a large surface area.


If you want to provide quality whiskey drinking accessories, then why not select a bourbon glass set that has everything you need to enjoy your favorite bottle of whiskey? These whiskey drinker gift sets include decanters, coasters, whiskey stones, ice molds, bar trays, and more.

Custom Bourbon Glass Sets

Perhaps you see certain items you’d like to add to your gift, but no bourbon glass set includes everything you need. At Teals Prairie & Co. this isn’t a problem! We build custom gift boxes and baskets with the whiskey accessories you want.

Simply add the items you’re interested onto your business quote list, and send us a message letting us know the packing you’re interested in. We’ll create a custom bourbon glass set that’s as unique as your favorite whiskey lover.

For more gift ideas for people who love whiskey, bourbon, and scotch, take a look at our whiskey gifts showroom.

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