Creative Marketing

Get Creative With Your Marketing

Creative marketing is not some outlandish field reserved for technology companies and graphic design agencies. Creative marketing is spending your marketing budget in a way that is interesting and engaging for your clients. And the best thing is that you don’t need to come up with something particular clever – all you need to do is show the client that you have focused on them. An interesting or funny theme is a free extra!

No More Boring Mailings!

Many companies spend a great deal of money designing and sending brochures and mailings to their clients. The vast majority of these probably never make it out the plastic packaging and are consigned directly to the trash can! If you are going to the trouble of sending something then it makes sense to send something they will keep. One of our clients in the financial planning industry had the great idea to send a leather journal with a bucket on it to amusingly remind clients that they should saving to enjoy their retirement.

Make Sure the Message Gets Through

Most marketing is a complicated affair aimed at trying to plant a message inside the head of potential customers. Usually something along the lines of “Buy Me and You Will Feel/Look/Perform Better”. This can involve a great deal of expensive consulting trying to engineer a campaign that will fit them all. With one of a kind marketing you can send an individualized message to each of your customers. Even if that is just a quick message from your sales director and some monogrammed stationery it will stand out far more than a slick brochure aimed at the masses.