Whiskey Gifts for Scotch and Whiskey Lovers

In times of celebration, only the best will do. Just as we don’t surprise friends and family with a low-cost well alcohol, surely, we wouldn’t give whiskey gifts that are anything less than exceptional. That’s why we’ve put together this list of sophisticated whiskey gift sets that are sure to keep the party going all night.

Our Favorite Whiskey Gifts By Category


There’s no better way to schmooze business partners or romance a date than with a whiskey gift that features a personal message. Our graphic design team will take your ideas and create a whiskey decanter that’s the centerpiece of any home bar. We go the extra mile by only building non-leaded glass decanters which are hand-finished to provide an unparalleled quality.

Your Design Engraved On Superior Whiskey Gifts

Whisky Flasks with a Personal Touch

It used to be that whiskey flasks were only available to those of high social class. Now, with the timelessness of stainless-steel and the ability to engrave your own custom design, it doesn’t take much to give a gift that makes someone feel like royalty. Here’s our collection of personalized flasks and whiskey flask sets that are perfect gifts for friends, groomsmen, and colleagues.


When it comes to consuming drinks during celebration with others, few glasses provide the same jolt of excitement that a shot glass does. Yet, our collection of glass shot glasses aren’t for the college freshman. Instead, they’re built of a thicker glass which feels sturdy and puts more weight in your hand. For those who prefer something more unique, you’ll also find a selection of metal shot glasses below that will add a modern touch to your barware collection.

The Right Whiskey Glass For The Right Occasion

Neat, on the rocks, or with a splash of water. Just as there are several ways to enjoy whiskey, there’s also a variety of whiskey glasses which display your unique character. Whether you like traditional whiskey rocks glasses or the novelty of a rocking whiskey glass, we have you covered. See our dedicated whiskey glass showroom page to learn more.


So far, we’ve touched on the basics that every gentleman (and gentlewoman) should have in their whiskey gift collection. For those who are ready to take their barware to the next level comes a collection of whiskey accessory must-haves. If you’re ready to buy whiskey gifts for someone who seemingly has it all, you’ll surely find a bar tray, coaster, or whiskey stone set that adds timelessness to your collection.

There Are Plenty More Whiskey Gifts To See

Here at Teals Prairie & Co. building personalized whiskey gifts that are perfect for any occasion is what we do best. But this page only highlights a small selection of our favorite whiskey gifts. If you haven’t located the exact gift you’re looking for, we recommend that you check out our other showrooms which go into depth on our whiskey glasses, whiskey decanters, and other personalized barware. Also be sure to discover our full collection of whiskey gift sets, with a collection of items your friends and family are sure to appreciate.

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