TP&Co. invited international artist Djordjije Nikitovic, founder of art studio Cartoonik, to interpret the words “American Politics” by designing five illustrations that represent his view of US politics in any period of history. Of Djordjije’s five submissions, our creatives selected his “Necesita Mucho Dinero” design to laser mark our newest customizable gift idea, The Impenetrable Stainless Steel Safe, an Inspector Gadget-ish contraption which requires professional help to bash open! Isn’t that awesome? Looking at this collaboration intellectually, the bank’s cube shape represents a classic block-brick shape, one our forefathers may have constructed walls out of (the pyramids comes to mind). Furthermore, it doesn’t take too much philosophical mind crunching to conclude that investing money into a largely unpopular public works (necesita mucho dinero means needs a lot of money) and stuffing hard earned cash into a impenetrable steel safe is akin to, well, let’s face it, never seeing that money again! The good news:

Djordjije Nikitovic

For a limited time, you can also own you very own impenetrable bank, and no, you don’t need to order it with Trump’s sombrero cartoon head shot. As always with any of our personalized gift ideas, you can submit your own design or choose an illustration from our graphics catalog.  Add a cap and tassel graphic with a customized monogram and this makes the most practical high school graduation gag gift of the century.

Note: The Rio Grande River clip art illustration was pulled from our catalog.

To read more about Djordjije and his approach to this project, scroll down below. You may also find more work by Djordjije here and he’s available for freelance work on Upwork.

Necesita Mucho Dinero

Djordjije's Four Other Submissions

In Djordjije's Own Words

My name is Djordji and my surname is Nikitovic. I was born in a town called Vrbas in 1984. I am the founder and owner of an art studio called Cartoonick.

I come from a brave state located on the Balkan Peninsula called Serbia. When I was 6 years old I discovered my passion for art while lying in a hospital bed and recovering from a jaw injury. I began to drawing and create art thanks to my father who bought me children’s comics, magazines, drawing books, and pens.

At an early age, I knew that I would be in the art business when I grew up. As a boy at school, I was always a good student. In art classes, all the other children brought their papers to me to draw something. I continued my education at the design school. I improved my skills and learned a lot about design and art. Of course, I continued to pursue further education and soon began to earn money from my artwork.

My interests were comics, illustrations, and caricatures. I’ve worked a lot in this world, privately, in my city. Later on I discovered many sites that hired artists like me and started working on the Internet. Many books around the world have my covers and illustrations, I have done a lot of cartoons, political, social, friendly, in Thailand, India, the UK, the Philippines and Canada, America, France etc …

Almost everything I do, I start by hand drawing. I am highly skilled in techniques such as water colors, graphite pencils, and tempera. Of course, in order to satisfy all clients, I work digitally, and at a high level.
I can turn every idea into a great piece of art.

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