Custom Buttons

Over a decade ago, our craftsmen at Teals Prairie & Co. started with one product, high quality buttons. Even with the expansion of our business into other luxury products, we’ve always retained our passion for creating button badges. Ever since we made our first buttons, we have developed the process to add our own unique twist and create new products. Whether you want stylish, custom buttons you can wear, or you want to gift them to others, we will make your ideas possible.

The TP&Co. Button Making Process

Our artisans are involved in the button making process from start to finish. First, we begin with the design. You can submit your own design in vector format, or we can help create it for you. Next, we use superior materials to print your design for the highest quality. Afterwards, we die cut each design, so that it fits perfectly into the button. Finally, we clamp every button badge using our machines to create a great final product.

Why Buttons?

Any group will appreciate their own set of customized buttons. They’re great for schools, sports teams, political campaigns, wedding invitations, high school reunions, and so much more. Because of today’s print quality, you can create high quality images and photos for your buttons. They also come in a variety of sizes to choose from. Although the process may seem straightforward, there’s a lot we can do to add something special to your orders. From different materials, to unique button uses, our team knows how to create what you need. That way, you always send the right message, wherever you go.

Wearable Gift Ideas