Custom Menus & Portfolios

Searching for a leather menu or portfolio, but not finding exactly what you want? Let our team here at Teals Prairie & Co. create a custom menu for your restaurant or a custom portfolio writing pad for looking great at the office.

When we say that we build custom menus and portfolios, we’re not talking about simply monogramming a design on an existing product and calling it “custom”. Instead, our R&D, 3D modelling, and illustration team will build custom items to your specifications based on your ideas or a sketch. We can even source different materials to build each item with, making the customization options practically limitless.

Let's get started on your custom menus and portfolios!

Contact us using the green support chat button in the lower right corner of the page. We’ll be happy to discuss your project and can have a prototype to you within two to three weeks. Since we don’t have the same order requirements as other businesses, we’re also able to make the exact quantity you need, whether you need a hundred custom menus for your restaurant opening, or one custom portfolio for your favorite employee.

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