Custom Gift Tags

Create Your Own Custom Gift Tags for an Upcoming Event!

A simple gift tag from Teals Prairie & Co. can work wonders by enhancing your gift packaging presentation. Gift tags, whether used alone or in conjunction with other personalization techniques are sure to communicate your brand message.

You’re able to select the colors, materials, and design of your custom gift tags by working with our team of artisans and craftsmen. That way you can tie in an event theme or your brand colors to make something unique.

What Should You Know About Our Custom Gift Tags?

Since our custom gift tags can be personalized just for your recipient, there are so many different options you have when it comes to matching with a certain gift or gift packaging. We recommend having us personalizing one side of your gift tags, while keeping the back side of your gift tags blank. This is traditionally done to provide space for you to write a handwritten inscription that makes each gift special.

We also recommend combining our gift tags other personalization methods we offer, such as our printed ribbon. It’s another way to incorporate color into your gift packaging. On the other hand, if simplicity is your thing, non-printed ribbon, elastic bands, or string work well too. Try these out for anchoring a gift tag to a box or bag. There are hundreds of gift tag options and our team is ready to help you make the right gift tag for your project.

Ready to Build Your Custom Gift Tags?

We’re excited to discuss your upcoming project. Scroll down to find gift tag ideas and to see our gift tags that are ready for immediate personalization. If you’d like to build custom gift tags for your upcoming event, please use the green support chat button to speak with our product specialist today!

Custom Gift Tag Ideas