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Discover Our Die Cut Cardboard Boxes

Get creative with your product or event packaging by selecting custom die cut cardboard boxes from Teals Prairie & Co. These premium boxes offer a retail packaging look which can be personalized with a design that’s brand focused.

However, that doesn’t mean these boxes don’t also work well for family functions. There are several customization processes that make our die cut cardboard boxes higher-end. With a little creativity, these boxes become perfect for birthday parties and family functions, especially if you want something different from a traditional gift box.

What’s Special About Die Cut Cardboard Boxes?

There are several reasons why our customers enjoy custom die cut cardboard boxes. Firstly, the ones we offer are great for prototyping a product, event, or gift box. As we don’t have minimum order requirements for our die cut cardboard boxes like other companies do, we can make however few you need. This is one type of box that we don’t currently make full productions runs of, but we can help you create the perfect die cut cardboard prototype box to use as a guide.

Secondly, our die cut cardboard boxes are inexpensive and ship flat which saves you even more on shipping costs. Whereas wood boxes take up more shipping space, especially in higher quantities, die cut cardboard boxes don’t take up much space at all.

Finally, these boxes are also very easy to assemble, as everything easily locks into place. Your gift recipient or customers will have an easy time opening and securing our die cut boxes. Plus, the items inside will always be well protected by each box as they’re incredibly durable and there’s no chance of the lid opening during shipping.

How Do We Customize Your Die Cut Cardboard Boxes?

At TP&Co. our craftsmen use different methods to create custom die cut cardboard boxes. We can build and personalize boxes of different shapes and sizes. We also have stock boxes that are ready for personalization listed at the bottom of the page. Here’s information about each process to give you an idea on what’s possible for your upcoming project.


Include a full color print and turn each die cut cardboard box into something special with our UV color print customization method. It’s the perfect process to use for making a personalized birthday or event gift. See the information below to decide whether UV color printing is the right personalization method for your next project.

Strengths of UV Color Printing
  • An affordable way to include a full color print on each die cut cardboard box.
  • Makes it simple to showcase brand and event colors.
  • Great for printing logos, full surface prints, and everything in between.
  • Leaves a permanent print that’s unaffected by UV rays.
  • Won’t fade, chip, or crack thanks to the cured color application.
  • Captures family moments well and provides family heirloom quality packaging.
Weaknesses of UV Color Printing
  • Pantone colors may not match with this personalization method, so go with belly bands if you must follow corporate color policies.
  • Traditional print methods might be preferable for larger quantity packaging quantities.


Print your marketing, event, and product information onto each belly band that slips around our die cut cardboard boxes without altering the box itself. Here are a few ways to decide whether belly band packaging is the right customization method for you.

Strengths of Belly Band Packaging
  • Belly bands are affordable and provide a lot of space for personalization.
  • Perfect if you would rather keep the die cut cardboard box unaltered.
  • Prints on belly band packaging matches Pantone colors, making this the perfect option for businesses following strict color policies.
  • A simple and classy way to provide coupons, discounts, or QR codes and have your recipients or guests act on an offer or digital gift.
  • There are many belly band sizes to select from which cover the whole box surface or just a slim section of the box. Go with whatever look you prefer.
Weaknesses of Belly Band Packaging
  • Belly band packaging is created in bulk, so you’ll need a higher minimum order than you would with alternatives like decorative labels or UV color printing.
  • Boxes that are personalized with other customization methods are better for prototypes and one-off packaging boxes.


Need a personalization method that is perfect for small production orders while also being affordable? You might just love our decorative labels. Here’s what you should know.

Strengths of Decorative Labels
Weaknesses of Decorative Labels
  • For formal events you may prefer a personalization method such as UV color printing or belly band packaging, which results in higher-quality packaging.


There’s no limit to the gift tags we’re able to create together. They’re the perfect way to include your recipient’s name to a gift, with a special note. Learn more about our gift tags here.

Here’s What to Know About Our Custom Gift Tags
  • We have several different materials and processes we use to create the perfect gift tags.
  • What we select while building your die cut cardboard boxes depends on your event or project, the theme, and any colors from other personalization methods.
  • We’re ready to work with you to build great gift tags that tie everything together.


Wrap each package with a bow or use your own creativity to add color and branding with our custom printed ribbons. This personalization method is a lot of fun and sure to make a great first impression.

Here’s What to Know About Our Custom Printed Ribbons
  • There are so many fabrics and materials that we can print on to create your printed ribbons including silk, cotton, felt and more.
  • We’ll help you select the right color and ribbon width to create a stunning look.
  • A great way to include your brand colors not only with the ribbon, but with the print as well.
  • This is an affordable way to personalize all your die cut cardboard boxes.

Let’s Get Started on Your Die Cut Cardboard Boxes Today!

Are you ready to create custom die cut cardboard boxes? Contact us with your ideas or receive a consultation using the green support chat button in the lower right corner. Our craftsmen will be happy to help you build boxes for your upcoming event or project.


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