Bentwood Boxes

How Do We Produce Our Custom Button-Cord Bentwood Boxes?

Our craftsmen here at Teals Prairie & Co. create beautiful bentwood boxes from steamed wood. Each single piece of wood goes through a steaming process, which makes it malleable enough to bend using pressure. That’s what gives each box a unique shape and each one will feature different wood grain and indentation.

Once the shape has set, we finish the boxes with an elastic fabric tie and a popular wood button. That makes these boxes, which are about as thin as your average piece of cardboard, both environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing.

Why Use Button-Cord Bentwood Boxes Over Other Alternatives?

Bentwood boxes are often used as party favors boxes because of their unique and attractive design. They look great as gifts for beach weddings, baby showers, engagement parties, and several other special gatherings. Our custom bentwood boxes also superb for gift packaging for eco-friendly resorts and for outdoor functions.

One benefit of these cool gifts is that your recipients can enjoy custom engraving on each bentwood box. Plus, each one becomes even more charming when decorated with an additional personalization technique. We can add gift tags, gift paper shreds, and more to really make your gift special.

Bentwood boxes are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. At the bottom of the page you can see all the sizes we have in stock now that are ready for immediate personalization. We’re also available to create custom sized bentwood boxes for your next project. Please click on the green support chat button to discuss your upcoming ideas and our craftsmen would love to chat about your next project.

Here’s How We Personalize Our Button-Cord Bentwood Boxes

There are several ways that we can personalize your button-cord bentwood boxes that match both your style preferences and your budget. Select your favorite personalization technique or combine several of our techniques to build the perfect gift boxes. Here’s some information about each technique to help you decide on your favorite.

UV Color Printing

Include your full color design, logo, or product information on each button-cord bentwood box using our UV color printing process. It’s a great way to commemorate an event for your guests or provide branding information for customers. Curious whether this is the right personalization process for you? Here are some things to consider.

Strengths of UV Color Printing
  • An affordable way to personalize our boxes in full color.
  • Easy to showcase brand and event colors.
  • Both small prints and larger surface prints look great UV color printed.
  • Every print is permanent and not altered by UV rays.
  • Won’t chip, crack, or fade and can even be cleaned with a wet rag.
  • Great for commemorating events and creating family heirloom items.
Weaknesses of UV Color Printing
  • UV printed colors won’t always match Pantone colors, so we’ll need another personalization technique for strict corporate color policies.
  • You may prefer a more traditional printing method such as screen printing for larger quantity orders.
  • This printing process only works on the flat surfaces of the box, such as the lid or sides but not on any of the rounded lid.

Laser Engraving

unfinished bentwood boxes

Engraving burns some of the box surface to create an image or text using the exposed inner layer of wood. Here are some reasons why you may or may not decide to go with laser engraving to personalize your custom button-cord bentwood boxes.

Strengths of Laser Engraving
  • Laser engraving can be done on the sides of each wood box to add personalization of your logo, design, or text.
  • Perfect for those that have a high resolution engravable graphic.
  • Leaves a permanent mark on each wood box while also creating a family heirloom quality package.
  • Each box will have a unique smell like roasted coffee beans as the engraving process burns a layer of the wood surface.
Weaknesses of Laser Engraving
  • Because some areas of the bentwood box are thin, engraving can only be done on the sides of each box.
  • Laser engraving requires your illustration to make a bold statement without the use of color.
  • You’ll need to incorporate another personalization method in the design if you want to include a theme for each box.


In addition to providing laser engraving and UV color printing personalization techniques for each wood box, we can also combine processes to create multi-process boxes. Here’s why you might want to combine processes to create something special.

Strengths of Decorative Labels + Laser Engraved Boxes
  • Decorative labels are the most affordable personalization technique for low quantity orders.
  • Combining decorative labels and laser engraving gives you more personalization placement options.
  • For example, we can place decorative labels on rounded box lids and on even inside of the bentwood boxes.
  • There are several decorative label shapes and sizes to select from and it’s also possible to create custom decorative labels for larger orders.
Weaknesses of Decorative Labels + Laser Engraved Boxes
  • UV color printing may create a unique look that you prefer more than decorative labels.

Printed Ribbon + Laser Engraving

We can also create bentwood boxes with printed ribbon handles that presents unique gift or product packaging. Here are some benefits of building wood boxes with printed ribbons.

What You Should Know About Printed Ribbons
  • Printed ribbons are a great way to include brand or event colors, as the ribbons come in a variety of materials with different colors.
  • We can print your logo, text, or a design onto the ribbon to make it an exceptional gift.
  • There’s a wide variety of ribbon sizes and widths that will each create a unique look. We can work with you to build boxes that match your preferences.

Gift Tag + Laser Engraving

Another option is to create wood boxes that include personalized gift tags and laser engraving. Here’s why you might opt for custom gift tags over other personalization methods.

What You Should Know About Gift Tags & Laser Engraving
  • Build product or gift packaging that has a permanent engraved design and a removable gift tag.
  • You get the benefits of both the gift tag and laser engraving personalization methods.
  • Gift tags also come in a variety of styles, finishes, and materials.
  • It’s a great way to commemorate an event and include your recipient’s name.
  • Gift tags don’t leave a permanent mark on the box if you prefer the appearance of unaltered bentwood boxes.
  • Our team will be happy to create gift tags ideas using a variety of materials, shapes, and sizes to create great boxes for your next project.

Let’s Start Working on Your Custom Button-Cord Bentwood Boxes

Do you have ideas in mind, or would you like some help selecting the personalization details for your custom wood boxes? Please contact us using the green support chat button in the lower right corner and our artisans will be happy to help you through the order process.


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