Gift Packing

Gift packing is the intricate process of ensuring that your custom item bundle goes from concept to reality. At Teals Prairie & Co. our team oversees every step of the process to help you build the perfect custom gift package. Whether you’re a business owner who wants to create a bundle by combining your products with ours, or you simply want to create a unique gift package for a special event, you can trust our team to do the heavy lifting.

How we get the details correct with our gift packing services:

1. Choosing the Goods

Everything from the items you select to the package it sits in matters. We start with an understanding of the custom package you want to build. You can make a custom gift special by selecting an assortment of TP&Co. items. Or, combine your products with some in our collection to really create a special set. The items that you feature in your gift set are only limited by your imagination, so anything is possible.

2. Customizing Each Item

With our gift packing services, there’s so much you can do to make each item extra special. Want to engrave certain items? We can make it happen. Need inscription on something as well? Our artisans will take care of it. How about multiple customization or sourcing specific packaging that matches your branding? When you work with us, you’re always in good hands.

3. Assembling the Package

What sets the good apart from the great is the dedication to create something that’s truly unforgettable. We can add extras to your gift package such as gift cards, information pamphlets, coupons, and more. Anything that enhances the package by adding something special is within our capabilities.

4. Creating the Right Packaging

The items you select and the gift box they’re in aren’t the only things that matter. It’s important that the shipping box also present the right message. That’s why we make sure everything looks good from the outside. In addition to tying the whole package together, it also works to protecting each gift set.

5. Getting Everything Where It Should Be

Once the whole package is ready, it’s time to make sure everything gets to the right location. No matter where each individual item is sourced from, we’ll be the ones to move it along its journey. This includes confirming items as received, ensuring quality standards, and verifying that your set of items look great together.

From there, we’re committed to getting each gift set directly to your location, to your warehouse for fulfillment, or shipped directly to your customer list. When you want to build a well-rounded and custom gift for one, or for a thousand and one, you can trust our craftsmen to handle the whole process from beginning to end.