Laser Engraving

At Teals Prairie & Co. we have a passion for customized luxury goods. One of the tools we use frequently to produce unique gifts is our laser engraving machine. You may already know that laser engraving isn’t the “traditional” method of engraving. Yet, you’ll find that the items we produce using our laser engraver exceeds what can be done using the traditional process. Want to know more about how laser engraving works? Let’s discuss what laser engraving is, why it’s key for producing custom goods, and how to decide whether this process is right for the gifts you want to create.

The Laser Engraving Process

Whereas a laser marker chemically changes the surface of a material, the laser engraving process is a bit different. Instead of hitting a surface at a low temperature, a laser engraver vaporizes materials at a high heat. This leaves a groove that you can see and feel, while creating the engraved etch you’re used to. The process of heating up and vaporizing a material to engrave it, is known as “material removal”.

So, what are the benefits of laser engraving versus an alternative like laser marking? Well, laser engraving works on a different set of materials. Engraving is suitable for wood, leather, fabric, glass, and other “soft” materials. With that said, there are many different benefits to either technique. Both are accurate and create detailed logos, text, and images on surfaces. Plus, we can use laser engraving and marking machines to make customizing on as many items as you need. There’s no pre-tooling or expensive set up, allowing you to engrave one item or several, with a quick turnaround time.

Laser Engraving Gift Ideas