Package Decorating

You have taken the time to coordinate every aspect of your upcoming major event. Everything you have selected from the venue, to the colors, and the theme pull all the details together. Now, you are ready to select the party gifts that show your gratitude to those who are most important in your life. Our artisans here at Teals Prairie & Co. will help you coordinate your event theme with customized decorated gift packaging that blends in or stands out.

When you need the right finishes for any occasion, you can trust us to deliver. Our package decorating services make it simple to match your gift package with the theme of your wedding, grad party, or corporate function. We are also able to decorate any number of gifts or products, whether you are getting something for someone special, or for the whole office.

What Do We Use To Decorate Packages?

As professional craftsmen, we have access to bows, raffia, ribbons, and tulle of every color. You can also select the gift paper design that matches your event theme exactly, whether you want a solid color, a certain pattern, or a custom print design. You can even choose between various materials, finishes, and sizes of accessories like adhesive stickers, shredded gift paper, and more. Even the minor details, such as which adhesive sticker to choose has unlimited package decorating options. Whether you want to use elegant satin cloth labels or eye-catching and environmentally friendly high gloss options, you will love the package decorating options that we provide.