Craft Fabricating

Behind every specialized product we create here at Teals Prairie & Co., there’s a specialized craftsman. The full process of making specialize goods requires individualized skills, so a lot happens behind the scenes. Everything begins with an idea, goes through the manufacturing process, and finally results in a handmade product. It is this hands-on, craftsman approach that makes every step of the product creation process special for us. We focus on building our skills at craft so that we can turn an often overlooked item into an unforgettable gift.

From the inception of TP&Co., we have been committed to making handcrafted lifestyle products. What began with a few basic craft machines and an idea rapidly turned into a sizable team of skilled artisans that create a range of luxury goods. During this time we have increased our skills and developed new processes to turn your ideas into reality.

What does our craft fabrication process involve?

Our craftsmen design, source materials, craft goods by hand, print, and use other techniques to create amazing products. Our specialty is much more than locating an item. We are all about re-purposing ready-made items and building unique and enjoyable gifts that you will always remember. Our passion and dedication for these skills is what keeps our business moving forward. There is no greater feeling than hearing about the joy that your custom products bring to you and for those who receive their customized gifts.