The process of decorating objects using a sandblasting application process goes by many names including sandblasting, sand etching, and sand carving. Whatever you know the process as, understand that our artisans here at Teals Prairie & Co. can create spectacular designs on awards, ornaments, and more.

We produce that rich, etched image that you’re accustomed to when you want to decorate an item with lettering, graphics, and company logos. Our knowledge of the process and skills can help you recreate a similar sandblasted item, or produce a custom design.

Which Surfaces Can We Sandblast?

When you think about materials that you can sandblast, the first materials that come to mind are glass and crystal. After all, these surfaces look especially beautiful etched with a sandblaster. Yet, there are many more surfaces you can customize with a sandblaster. These materials include wood, marble, stone, rock, brick, marble, metal, and even leather.

The Sandblasting Customization Process

Because sandblasting works on such a wide range of materials, there are many products you can produce using this technique. Create special gifts for any occasion, make decorative items, create signage, or make souvenirs. There’s even the ability to use different abrasives and grit sizes, which produce slightly different looks.

As our craftsmen have experience creating custom sandblasted items, were ready to customize your favorite items. If for some reason the material you have selected cannot be sandblasted, we’ll inform you on an alternative process, such as laser engraving, that’ll create the intended look and feel.

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