String & Button Boxes

The Uniqueness of String and Button Paper Boxes

Our string and button paper gift boxes are refreshingly simple. Once assembled, they are roomy and can hold a large capacity without fear of ill-fitting lids.

Because these boxes are often used for medical purposes and sometime contain foodstuffs, it makes a unique package for gift giving, providing party favors, and holding your company’s products.

When Should You Use String and Button Paper Boxes Over Other Alternatives?

These boxes work well if you simply need attractive packaging to accompany an existing gift. That’s because sting and button boxes ship flat and keep shipping costs low.

When they arrive to you, simply assemble the final presentation at your home. As you put together the box and gift, you receive significant cost savings.

Of course, we can also do the assembly of each box for you. We also have hundreds of products that we can ship with these flat packed boxes if you want us to provide both the custom gifts and your string and button paper boxes as a pre-assembled set.

How Do We Customize Your String and Button Paper Boxes?

At the bottom of this page you’ll see all the stock string and button paper boxes we have for immediate customization. Are you not finding the exact size you want? That’s no problem, as we’re able to create custom sized string and button paper boxes to your dimensions.

In addition to creating custom sized string and button paper boxes, we can also personalize it with several different customization techniques. In the next section you’ll learn how we can add logo, text, gift tags, and more to these boxes.

When you’re ready to discuss your requirements with us, please use the green support chat button in the lower right corner of the page to reach out to our craftsmen. We look forward to hearing about your upcoming project and how we can help.

UV Color Printing

Our UV color printing is a cured printing method that produces images, text, and designs in full color. It’s great for making a personalized birthday or event gift out of our string and button paper boxes. Here’s how to decide if this personalization method is right for you.

Strengths of UV Color Printing

  • An easy way to showcase brand and event colors.
  • Prints logos, artwork, and designs in full color for an affordable cost.
  • Allows you to add a permanent design to each string and button paper box.
  • The printed design won’t fade, chip, or crack.
  • Wonderful for capturing family moments and providing family heirloom quality packaging for family events.

Weaknesses of UV Color Printing

  • UV color printing doesn’t always match Pantone colors in the event you’re following a strict corporate color policy.
  • Screen printing and other traditional printing methods might suit large quantity orders better and result in a higher quality print.

Decorative Labels

Looking for a personalization method that works on small production orders? You might just love the affordability of our decorative labels.

Strengths of Decorative Labels

Weaknesses of Decorative Labels

  • For formal events you may prefer a personalization method such as UV color printing or belly band packaging, which results in higher-quality packaging.

Gift Tags

We have a variety of materials, sizes, and personalization methods we can use to create spectacular gift tags. We can create exactly what you want or give you a few design ideas to select from.

Here’s What to Know About Our Custom Gift Tags

  • The materials and processes we use to build your accompanying gift tags depends on your event or project, the theme, and any colors from other personalization methods.
  • We’re ready to work with you to build great gift tags that tie everything together.

Printed Ribbon

Include a handle on each string and button paper box or add a traditional bow by ordering our custom printed ribbon. It’s a great way to include branding or text without altering the packaging itself.

Here’s What to Know About Our Custom Printed Ribbons

  • We have silk, cotton, felt and more ribbon types that we can print your text, logo, or design onto.
  • There are also a variety of colors and ribbon widths to create the perfect look for your packaging.
  • Including printed ribbon with your order is a great way to include your brand colors.
  • You’ll love the affordability of printed ribbon for your upcoming project.

Let’s Start Creating Your Custom String and Button Paper Boxes Today!

Is it time for you to order custom packaging for a gift, event, or product? Send us a message about your upcoming project using the green support chat button in the lower right corner. Our craftsmen look forward to helping you build string and button paper boxes for your upcoming event or project.


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