Clear Top Paper Boxes

Learn About Our Clear Top View Paper Boxes

Showcase your personalized gift in a custom clear top vinyl lid kraft paper box by Teals Prairie & Co. This wonderful packaging option is perfect for events where you would like your recipient to see exactly what’s inside each gift box.

In addition to including a gift in our clear top view paper boxes, you’re also able to include marketing materials, programs, coupons, and other special items with each gift to display your event or company information in style.

What can we create for you today? Our craftsmen here at TP&Co. provide streamlined production combined with an easy custom box ordering process to ensure that you receive the custom clear top view paper box you need for your upcoming event. Let’s discuss why we enjoy clear top view paper boxes and the personalization methods we use to make each one special.

Why Create Custom Clear Top View Paper Boxes Instead Any Alternatives?

There are several reasons why clear top view paper boxes are a great choice for product or gift packaging.

Firstly, each box provides either a one-time use or continual uses, depending on what you prefer. The boxes with clear lids are sturdy and work well with gifts of most sizes and weights. These are perfect for keeping long-term for storing your favorite items. On the other hand, the paper boxes that feature viewing windows are ideal for giving lightweight gifts in packaging that adds presentation value.

Secondly, our clear top view paper boxes are inexpensive and lightweight, making them a great option for small and large quantity orders alike. As each box can be shipped flat and assembled easily, you’ll save money when you select our clear top boxes over more expensive alternatives such as our custom wood, tin, or acrylic boxes. Alternatively, we can preassemble each clear top view paper box and ship them directly to you, so that all you’ll need to do is place your promotional product or gift inside before handing each gift out to your recipients.

Finally, we can produce the exact quantity of boxes you need to your specifications and your budget. Our team includes designers, illustrators, 3D modelers, and craftsmen who will take your custom concept and turn it into a prototype box within two weeks. Our knowledgeable support staff are also available to help you decide on the perfect finishes, styles, and personalization techniques to meet a budget and project deadline.

How Can We Personalize Your Custom Clear Top View Paper Boxes?

There are several ways that we can personalized our clear top view paper boxes. You’ll start by selecting the kraft paper box color you prefer. We have black and brown kraft paper in stock now and we’re also able to create custom clear top boxes in any color you prefer.

After selecting the box color, you can decide on your favorite personalization techniques. Choose one technique or a combination of techniques to make your custom vinyl lid kraft box one-of-a-kind. Decorative labels, belly bands, gift tags, and printed ribbons look especially amazing with our boxes. Each one of these processes are described in more detail below.

Ready to get started with your order? Simply use the green support chat button at the lower right corner of the screen to schedule a consultation with one of our craftsmen. We’re happy to help you with the process of ordering your own custom clear top vinyl lid kraft paper boxes and discussing how they can be personalized for your upcoming event.


Decorative labels are perfect for clear top paper boxes. That’s because you can place decorative labels anywhere on the exterior or interior of your box to add branding, event information, or fun design elements. Plus, we make decorative labels in different shapes and sizes, so you can cover up as much or as little of your custom vinyl lid box as you’d like. Using decorative labels to personalize your custom kraft boxes is incredibly affordable, especially for low volume orders.

Belly Bands & Gift Tags

We create a wide selection of belly bands and gift tags that make your product and gift packaging stand out. Use our thicker belly bands to feature brand and marketing information, add coupon codes, or interact with your customers more. You can even have us create specialty belly bands or gift tags featuring printed ribbon, which adds an elegant touch to each gift. We print our belly bands & gift tags and can even match Pantone colors, making this the perfect option for brands that follow strict color guidelines.

Printed Ribbon

With access to silk, cotton, felt, and many more printed ribbon materials, there’s really no limit to what we can do to make your custom vinyl lid kraft gift boxes special. Our ribbon offers an affordable way to include branding, text, or designs without permanently altering the box itself. It’s easy to include brand colors in both the ribbon and the print itself. Plus, you can easily combine this personalization method with any others to make outstanding gift boxes.

Printed Ribbon & Decorative Labels

Our printed ribbon and decorative label combination is one such example of using multiple personalization techniques to make an attractive custom clear top kraft gift box. But that doesn’t mean it’s the only combination we can utilize for your custom order. Let us know which processes you’re interested in or contact us, and we’ll help you decide what’ll work best.

Let's Build Your Custom Clear Top View Kraft Boxes!

Do you need help building the perfect boxes for your upcoming project? Reach out to our production team through the green support chat button in the lower right corner and we’ll be glad to help! Let us know the dimensions you need for your custom gift boxes or check out the boxes we have in stock and ready for immediate customization below.