Staff Appreciation Gifts

Everyone likes to feel appreciated and it makes good business sense to give your staff a small token of appreciation on special occasions and especially at busy times of the year. When your team or colleagues have worked hard or done something special, a generic thank you will not suffice. We have put together a range of thank you gifts for staff and your business that can help assure them that a colleague is not just for Christmas….


We have curated a selection of gifts for staff and colleagues that will show them that they count. To really make a difference a personal message is required that takes into account their achievements throughout the year. Etch a message from management or a chart of their improvement on something solid to remind them that you noticed.

Make it Count - Make it Personal!

The most important rule to remember when giving gifts to team members and employees is to make it personal! A generic gift with a logo is easy for HR to organize but the point is that your staff knows how easy this is too!

Make a manager or a colleague come up with an inscription or find some way to put some thought into it. Look though some of the gift options here and get in touch with our team if you need ideas. Staff and employee gifts are only worth doing if they are done well. Otherwise you may as well put some extra cash in their pay check!

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