Blank Canvas Gifts

Gifts for young abstract impressionists

Everyone’s son or daughter is a Van Gogh in the making (in mum and dad’s best judgement) so why not put it on some awesome stationery to bring out the creative spirit in kids. A great way to get them to value their journal, diary or sketchbook. Add a personalized pen or custom keychain to make it a gift set!

Alternatively you could put it on a gift watch for Daddy – he won’t mind that mummy is a bit lopsided and Fido has now got 5 legs… or are they all legs?

A box of creative tricks

A box is a creative gift in itself, just waiting to decide what does in it. Make it lyrical by adding a favorite songline to the top or a renewal or a special mantra, poem or lyric! (Stairway to Heaven length restrictions apply)  

get romantic

For anyone who is involved with a girlfriend, boyfriend, husband or wife there is always a special date to be remembered. Choose a nice font and carve it in wood, steel or leather to make sure you never forget it! These guys did their wedding vows!

Brand Your Pet (not literally!)

Is Fluffy spending too much time alone reading? maybe a gift with her image would cheer her up?! Our designers can do an outline in wood or steel so you can recapture her youthful spirit! Our artists will make an outline drawing of your pet from a photograph and put this on a gift of your choice. No rodent too small or feline too furry!

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