Personalized Marketing

Make it one to one

The best way to generate good feeling towards a brand is to focus on the person to person relationship. There are very few companies that engender a glowing warm feeling and not many sales are captured by the corporate entity itself. Also, not many companies have absolutely no competition so the customer has choice. What makes the difference? your sales team, front office, technical support or receptionist. These people have created the goodwill to generate that revenue. Using a message from someone who has already built a personal relationship with the customer is the best way to reconnect.

Set it up in Advance

One golden rule of planning is that you should always be prepared for the worst! Well one flip side of this is that we should also always be prepared for the best. If we know that a customer or potential client is coming then what better way to demonstrate that you value their visit than preparing personally for them. If you are hosting an event, how about a notebook with their initials on it with the agenda inside? If you have sold a car how about a customized keychain with their key? If you have sold a custom holiday how about a passport cover and travel wallet with their trip schedule… Every business plans for the future. Start planning for individual customers and your business will benefit.