Build an Event Gift Bag

These days conference bags and event bags tend to all look the same, a printed canvas bag with some plastic crap inside. Most of these suffer from what our local medical professional calls “novelopenia” which roughly translates as a lack of good ideas. Cool swag ideas are memorable and the best event gift bag idea is one that people will take home. We asked the creative team to come up some cardinal rules for inspired branded gift bag ideas.


We have all seen full bins outside an event or conference full of event giveaways that have become event throwaways with useless branded gifts. Do we want to live in a world that is 95% corporate gift landfill?! Add some memorable wording and a discreet logo and this will spend a retirement in a useful place in your client’s office. Make it re-useable – do it for the kids!

Cool Swag Ideas With A Second Life


You know who is coming to your event so why not make them feel a little special by creating a personalized gift, just for them. You can search here for personalized gift event ideas where you can monogram anything from 1 to 10,000 branded gifts especially for your event. Add a discreet club crest, company logo, or mission statement alongside their initials for maximum effect. Here is a cool swag idea for a travel event.


The best event branding gift ideas are Local & Specific…

TP is all about sourcing local products and engaging with the local community. Why not add something creative and inspirational to the goodie bag and create an event giveaway that has meaning? Use a design that is specific to the event you have created or from a designer or artists who is local. Our wooden boxes can hold a photo, logo, sketch or piece of writing to create a striking effect for the best event giveaway idea. These wooden gift boxes make great storage boxes and desk tidies after they have served their purpose.


Major Tip: Send The Gifts Ahead of the Event for Maximum Effect

It’s busy and people want to meet people and they do not want to carry around more stuff on the day. Why not send the goodie bag to their home or office ahead of the event? Better yet if you send the gift before the event along with any tags or invitations. Send us a spreadsheet of the attendees and our creative team will make sure they get the personalized gift bag in advance of the event. A little less stress for the day!


It is always difficult planning the operational side of events and even harder planning the emotional side of events. Promotional gift ideas that elicit a smile are the best way of focusing positive attention on your brand. Getting people together is like herding cats, it’s never easy! Lubricate your event with a promotional gift idea that will lighten up the mood. Here are a few icebreakers of corporate gift ideas that will help to ease the conversation along.