Monogram Gift Ideas

It is a challenge trying to buy a gift that stands out. This is especially true for a man that stands out himself. We have curated a selection of gifts that bring out the interesting qualities in a man. What’s more you can add your own quite unique touch and send a message of your choice. Simplicity is sometimes the best way forward and a simple monogram is always bold, clean and appreciated! To go with one letter or two that is the question…


A gift with a quirky side is always appreciated and what better way than to give the superman in your life a quirky gift to show them how much you care (Don’t tell them they are quirky – just say they are interesting!) A selection of one, two and three letter gift ideas for the discerning man. Keep it simple. Keep it bold and make sure that gift is appreciated. You do not need a paragraph to describe a man. Keep it quantum is what Einstein would have said! Less is more.

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