Foil Printing

Add something special to your products using our foil printing services here at Teals Prairie & Co. Our team of craftsmen can help you create stunning logos, images, or text using premium quality foil. Our foil printing process creates a beautiful metallic look on a variety of surfaces which enhance appeal and increase the quality of your goods.

More Details about the Foil Printing Process

As long as your material has a flat surface, you can foil print on it. This means you’re able to add a foil print to paper, leather, acrylic, and more. Usually, we’ll start with the material, foil print onto it, and use the material to produce the finished product. Our foil printer applies heat and pressure to the surface, leaving each item with a high quality and long lasting print.

What are the Benefits of Foil Printing?

Foil printing is for the times when you want your items to stand out from the crowd. It produces a much classier look than screen printing and comes in a variety of colors. You can also use foil printing to produce various effects on your material. For instance, it’s possible to create a flat, embossed, or debossed appearance on paper or cardboard. When it comes to the creativity of your foil printed material, you have many options.

Due to the setup requirements, it’s not possible to do limited runs of foil prints. Therefore, if you require less than 100 prints, our team will help you determine a better suited option.

Foil Printing Gift Ideas