Hospitality Branding

Standing out in a crowd of rooms!

The hospitality business is a fickle one and ensuring your guest house stands out in a crowd is a difficult task. Every good manager knows the best strategy is to give the best experience – and then encourage guests to review. How to get reviews? Many people when travelling stay in many hotels, guest houses, Airbnb and holiday lets over the course of their trip. The challenge is standing out from the others and making sure they have a memorable experience. Not just being able to remember the place afterwards but a wow factor that they will still be talking about when staying in inferior places on their trip!

How to Make a Guest's Stay Memorable

It’s easy to avoid the negatives but how to make positives?!

The best piece of advice here is: Make their stay personal! You already know their name, you know when they arrive and you can ask them what they want! The best guest experience is one that adds a personal touch.

How about a personalized glass with a complimentary bottle of wine?


Or if they are coming for business how about a business card holder with their initials and the hotel logo and a mini guide to the city included?


Or if they the guests are staying for a wedding you could get personal (but not up close!) and give them a welcome box with a nice message, chocolates, wine and maybe some other treats?

Not Just for Hotels, Holiday Lets, Airbnb or Guest Houses!

Of course you can also Give Your Own Home an Identity of its Own and give it a name, add some nice slate signs and some matching personalized glassware and cutlery. The home is your oyster! Choose a style or a design for your home and make it match with these items to give a styled magazine look that will amaze your guests and your family!