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The groomsmen and the best man have a very important role to play in a wedding and this tradition goes back a long way. In military circles it is an honor guard but the only real difference is that the honor guard will be armed with swords!  The duties have varied throughout the years but the modern responsibility is to take care of the bachelors night and also make sure the groom makes it to the wedding in one piece. These two perhaps conflicting duties are why the best man and the groomsmen deserve a special gift on your special day.

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If men are hard to buy gifts for, fathers-in-law are even worse! Gadgets and tools are always welcome. Tools are also a great way to remind him that there are jobs to be done. These personalized hammers are a great way to say something in a funny way. Also very practical as this is a real engraved hammer so will sink a nail with the right swing! Or maybe a toolbelt also hits the nail on the head?

best gift ideas for the best man

Finally we showcase a few interesting gifts for the best man. A key part of the wedding ceremony and also the man tasked with making sure the groom gets there on time. A truly special gift for the best man should be lined up well in advance with a thank you gift message to ensure he knows he is appreciated! Here is a selection of gifts for the best man that he will still be talking about at your wedding anniversary.

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