Low Cost Branding

Branding with Your Brain!

As anyone who has ever bought advertising space anywhere can tell you – branding does not come cheap! Building a brand is a key part of the marketing process and in today’s world of hyper consumer exposure even small companies, educational organizations and not-for-profit setups require a brand. There are many ways to generate brand awareness and there are some simple tricks to be aware of when deciding on your brand strategy.

1. Associate Your Brand with a Good Experience

OK so here is an easy start. Introduce your brand to your potential clients when they are having a good time. Simple. This is why advertising at big corporate hospitality free-bar sporting events is so expensive as the link between enjoying themselves and your logo sinks in on a subconscious level. No matter that it might not make sense trying to sell lawnmowers when they are eating caviar and getting drunk on champagne. The scientists tell us it still sinks in… the easiest way to do that without paying for a corporate tent at the superbowl? Put your brand on items on items they will use when celebrating.

2. Link Your Logo with a Useful Tool

On the next level down in the subconscious: everyone appreciates a helping hand. We don’t need to go back to our days in the savannah to know that someone who helps us climb a tree to escape a sabre tooth tiger will forever be a positive vision in your mind! OK so maybe you won’t be able to enable that level of gratitude! but the point here is to: Give potential customers something they will appreciate and use on a regular basis.

3. Give a Giveaway!

So everyone likes to receive something for free. This is basic stuff. But it is also true that everyone likes giving also.  Giving something to family or to a colleague is a great way to say “when I was working I was still thinking about you”. Giveaways and what they call “conference bag fillers” are a great way to get branding exposure. The simple calculation (and the research shows this) is that the second stage of giving away doubles your branding power as there are more eyes on the brand and more feelings of appreciation… Check out this massive selection of value cheap gifts.