Promotional Gifts

Standing out in the crowd of promotional products

We get many requests for client gifts from companies looking to expand their brand so we thought we would showcase a few of the more unique and unusual client gift ideas here. We will update regularly with the latest and greatest so watch this space!

Client Gifts that are useful

The best advice we have ever received was to buy a gift that was useful. The more utility the gift has the more this is seen and appreciated by the customer and their colleagues. We have another motive for our recycling goals! An object that is seen of as value has less chance of ending up as landfill… Have a look  at this selection of useful gifts below.

Unique Branding gifts for your business

Personalized client gifts a great way of saying “thank you” or “remember us?” and at the same time delivering a powerful branding message. But this does not mean that they have to be boring! first impressions count and a quirky, funny or interesting gift can create the right atmosphere for setting the right perception of your brand.

value promotional gifts

Marketing is expensive and we understand that. Even when buying small giveaways the price can add up.  We say make every giveaway count by making it individual. Having their initials or business logo on a product and your brand or message alongside is very valuable. Better yet is it is on display on their desks or if they can give it to friends, family or clients this is an excellent way of sending a branding message out there. Check out these value gift ideas.