Travel Gifts with Style

A good traveller never leaves home without their passport, their toothbrush and an open mind. Many travelers now pack alot more than that and travel can be a complicated affair!

What they cannot take with them are their friends and family so we have collected some gifts that help send a reminder of who is waiting back home.

Documents Please!

No one likes being held up behind someone at immigration who has left their boarding card in one of their 18 pockets. Its always a challenge trying to keep all your documents together so here are a few ideas to help them keep it in one place and keep the queues moving!

Tags and Tags

Luggage tags are a great and often forgotten necessity when travelling. It all works out until you find that there are 4 suitcases on the carousel that are exactly the same! Spot it with ease with these stylish and unique personalized luggage tags.

A Time for Inspiration

Hemmingway was at his best when roaming in foreign lands (and after a good few daquiris of course) and travel tends to add an inspirational edge to a creative mind. Why not help them along the way with a lovely travel journal gift? Or send them a favorite line or two of prose engraved in leather metal or wood to help them move forward.

Leave Nothing But Footprints…

A holiday or special trip never lasts long enough but luckily everyone seems to take pictures every 10 minutes. Unfortunately these pictures rarely make it off the harddrive and hardly ever see the Iight of day. What better way to showcase your memories that a lovely framed reminder of that special trip. Or why not make it a collage with a rainbow of frames?!

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