Black Sheen Finish Wood Boxes

Why Use Our Black Sheen Finish Wood Boxes?

Let’s build the perfect custom wood boxes for your next project. Our artisans at Teals Prairie & Co. craft black sheen wood boxes from harvested pine wood. Each wood box is individually hand painted using eco-friendly non lead paint. After the paint dries each box gains a beautiful sheen reminiscent of black eggplant skin.

The black sheen finish wood boxes that we produce are perfect for formal celebrations. Its natural classiness is perfect for weddings and graduation ceremonies. But that’s not to say that they aren’t great gifts when the mood is casual. In fact, these keepsakes are the best gift at for any occasion. What makes them so special is how well you can customize each box.

26 Pine Wood Stock Box Sizes

How do we customize your black sheen finish wood boxes?

If you want a gift that’s great for laser engraving, then this is it. Painted boxes look beautiful with laser engraving and color printing techniques. These are also the best option for those wanting to print detailed or intricate graphics. In addition, if you need 25 or more boxes, then you can even select custom colors.

If you’re ready to create wood gift boxes, please contact us and we can discuss your ideas and all the details. Use the green support button in the lower right corner to schedule a consultation with our live representative. We’re ready to make your product launch, your corporate event, or your next family occasion even more special with our custom wood boxes and personalized products.

What methods, applications, and processes do our craftsmen use to personalize your black sheen finish wood boxes?

Let’s jump right into how we can customize wood boxes for you. After discovering how we customize wood boxes, you’ll also find a list of the stock box sizes that we have in stock now. Are you looking for something one-of-a-kind? Contact us at any time and we’ll be happy to produce prototype product packaging that matches your requirements.

Which wood box is best for your next project?
Black FinishNatural FinishRustic Finish
Best for Formal EventsX
Best for Informal EventsX
Most Eco-FriendlyX
Kid FriendlyX
Perfect for Outdoor Events like Company RetreatsX
Quick Production TimeX


Engraving burns both simple logos and complex designs into our wood boxes to leave a permanent mark. Let’s discuss when to go with laser engraving and why you might opt for a different personalization method.

Strengths of Laser Engraving
  • Engraving is an affordable personalization process that’s great for both small and large quantity orders.
  • Works well when you have a clear and high-resolution artwork file that we can render on a box surface.
  • Provides a keepsake heirloom quality because of the permanent marking it leaves on each box.
  • The engraving process gives an aromatic smell to wood boxes, as the design is burned into the wood.
Weaknesses of Laser Engraving
  • Laser engraving is not done in color, so you’ll need to combine this process with another to convey brand or event colors.
  • Your logo, design, or illustration should be strong enough to carry the design without color.
  • Incorporating a theme with the engraved design also requires the addition of a second personalization method.
What's the Best Gift Box for Laser Engraving
Black FinishNatural FinishRustic Finish
Longest Shelf Life for EngravingX
Great for Intricate Logos & IllustrationsX
Best for Emblem Logos with Significant Surface Area RemovedX


Print graphics in full color on the full box lid surface or print a small design on a section of the box. Here’s how UV color printing compares to other personalization methods.

Strengths of UV Color Printing
  • A budget friendly method of decorating wood boxes.
  • Easily showcase brand and event colors on your product packaging.
  • Size isn’t an issue as we can print small logos or full box surface graphics on any box color.
  • Provides a permanent personalization design with a long shelf life.
  • UV color printing is a cured color application that won’t fade, chip, or crack.
  • Makes a wonderful heirloom gift that captures family moments in full color.
  • Clean up is easy with soap and a wet rag.
Weaknesses of UV Color Printing
  • This process isn’t ideal for matching Pantone colors exactly.
  • You may prefer the quality of screen-printed graphics for large quantity orders.
  • The colors and design of your print influence which box finish you select, which can possibly limit your box finish options.
Which Box Finish is Best for UV Color Printing?
Black FinishNatural FinishRustic Finish
Full Box Surface PrintsXXX
Small LogosXXX
Multicolor DesignsXX
Solid Black LogosX

Full Color Debossing

We’re excited to provide full color debossing personalization, which is a customization method that we created in house. This is what makes this process different from the rest.

Strengths of Full Color Debossing
  • Provides the same benefits as our engraving and UV color printing processes.
  • This method builds a unique appearance that people want to experience and view closely.
  • Creates a layered design with two individual graphics, images, and text.
Weaknesses of Full Color Debossing
  • Full color debossing is a multiple technique process that requires more set up than the processes of UV printing or engraving do individually.
  • More expensive than simpler personalization processes but also provides a premium quality design.
Which Box Should You Select for Full Color Debossing?
Black FinishNatural FinishRustic Finish
Black and White Color ImagesX
Solid Black LogosX
Light Color ImagesX
Brown Color ImagesX


Feature unique packaging without the need to alter the wood box itself. Why would you choose to use this solution over another customization method? Here are some reasons why companies often go with belly band packaging.

Strengths of Belly Band Packaging
  • Belly bands are even more affordable than other lower cost personalization methods such as UV printing.
  • There’s the ability to leave the wood box without any personalization if you want to keep things simple.
  • You can combine belly band packaging with another permanent wood box customization method.
  • We can match Pantone colors with this packaging, making it great for brands with strict color guidelines.
  • Belly bands provide a ton of print space for brand and marketing information on each wood box.
  • Perfect for brands that want to provide coupon codes, QR codes, or other ways for people to interact with you.
  • We provide a variety of belly band sizes which cover as much or as little of the wood box surface as you want.
Weaknesses of Belly Band Packaging
  • Requires a higher minimum order than personalization processes such as engraving or UV color printing.
  • Decorative labels and engraved designs are better for one-off runs and wood box prototypes.
Is There a Box Finish That Works Best with Belly Band Packaging?
  • The box you select should work well with the design and colors of your belly band.
  • Our team will help you select the right box finishes and belly band design colors to achieve your goals.


Create the custom wood box appearance you want by combining two or more personalization processes. We can use engraving, belly bands, decorative labels, printed labels, and more together to build the perfect product or event wood box.

Strengths of Multi-Processes Like Engraving + Belly Band
  • Get all the benefits from two or more individual processes, like the ability to include marketing material with a belly band and the permanence of an engraved design.
  • Think differently about layering by using a windowed belly band with a permanent solution like UV color printing or add something special such as a gift tag to a full color debossed wood box.
  • Not sure which two personalization styles you should go with to receive the wood box you want? Contact us today and we’ll be more than happy to discuss your next project.
Weaknesses of Multi-Processes Like Engraving + Belly Band
  • Some personalization methods such as belly bands have a higher minimum order quantity.
  • Multi-process boxes often come at a higher price for a more unique product.


Need a personalization method that works for one box or a hundred? Decorative labels are the most cost-effective personalization technique for low-quantity orders. Here’s why you might opt for decorative labels.

Strengths of Decorative Labels
Weaknesses of Decorative Labels
  • Other personalization processes result in a higher quality product, which you’ll prefer for formal events.
Is There a Wood Box That Works Best with Decorative Labels?
  • The wood box finish you select depends on the colors and design of your decorative labels.
  • Our craftsmen will gladly help you select the right wood box finish that meets your needs.


Complete every wood gift box with its own custom gift tag. We have several materials and styles to select from that will tie together the theme of your upcoming event.

What Should You Know About Our Custom Gift Tags
  • There’s no limit to the number of sizes, shapes, materials, and colors we can create gift tags from.
  • Our team will discuss the best gift tag materials and processes to create the look you want.


Printed ribbons provide an additional branding opportunity while also coming in a variety of materials and styles. Here’s what you should know about this classic personalization method.

What You Should Know About Our Printed Ribbons
  • We have access to silk, cotton, felt, and other popular ribbon materials.
  • Printed text, designs, or logos can be done in just about any color to match your branding.
  • This is an affordable way to personalize boxes without permanently altering the wood surface.
  • Works well with other personalization methods such as engraving, UV color printing, and gift tags to provide perfect finishing touches.

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